Site Planning

Allflex Livestock Intelligence technology monitors millions of animals worldwide. Our solutions collect and interpret critical data for every tagged individual animal, delivering timely insights for managing reproduction, health, and wellness. Using our monitoring solutions, beef operations can increase production, boost efficiency, improve livestock wellbeing and improve profit potential. Have a look at SenseHub™ Beef for seedstock and cow/calf operations.

Allflex SenseHub Beef transmits data from tags on individual animals via field antennas to your office network.

SenseHub Beef delivers detailed data plus handy to-do list views that help you stay on top of breeding schedules and gain insight on animal health and status.

Helpful service before and after the installation.

Based on their years of expertise with monitoring technology, Allflex monitoring specialists work with producers to map how to best set up SenseHub Beef on their operations. They will use available aerial maps to identify the best way to set up your system.

Power supplies and office internet access

Primary and secondary breeding pastures

A site plan that integrates with preferred breeding practices

A detailed cost estimate with all options specified and mapped

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